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Business Contents

■Costume & Beach Item Design & Creation - wholesale and retail

■EC Site Management - direct marketing using smartphones

■Design Swimsuits, Beach Towels, Bags, Novelty Goods (Affiliated with Rakuten Market, Amazon Marketplace, Yahoo Shopping, Pompare Mall.  Ranking #1 for High Volume Sales of those online shops). 

Our costume design products help you become many different personalities.  The products are cuter , unique and more personal than you will find elsewhere.    We start from scratch with original designs and create high quality products.  We travel around the world to select the finest materials and work with top craftsmen in Japan and in other countries.  More importantly, we have developed various sales channels with an emphasis on brand recognition. 

We also try to simplify the supply chain to benefit our customers and provide high quality products for a reasonable price.  Our mission is to continuously challenge ourselves to keep up with ever-changing demands and maintain the highest possible quality standards.   In order to give back to society, our quality control is handled by a non-profit organization for people with special needs.   Merchandise Costumes - ladies & mens Cosplay Items Dance-wear Formalwear Swimsuits Beach Towels Etc.

For our wholesale business

We do accept wholesale business, please contact us anytime for estimate.

Order made cloths

To create your order made costume for any needs, we do accept small lot from 30 units. Please do not heisted to ask for more detail informations.

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